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The most powerful, and effective curruclum but the easiest to use.

Learn how to use the Magic House Series
in the most effective way.

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Business Solutions

In 2015, 80% of the users doubled their student numbers.

We believe that a smoothly run school is crucial.
Of course, it’s not just for the money. Having more time to learn will
allow you to give back more to your students.
The Magic House curriculum has business colutions built in
and we help you with your marketing as much as possible.

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Home Study

“I love playing English games with my kids!”
– Junko Takeda (A studentʼs mom)

We made Home Studying Program -Katei Gakushu- which makes a
huge part of their everyday life as simple as possible.
Now parents have less pressure and
can have tons of fun with their kids studying English at home.

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